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The best?

It’s hard to argue with a list like this. As I was reading this a few days ago I immediately was thrown off by the fact that none of my favorite athletes were on this list with the exception of Michael Jordan.  Michael Jordan only #8 all-time??!! Are they nuts? But after you read the achievements of the folks on this list, it is quite hard to argue. I have my preferences like Bob Gibson, Barry Bonds, Barry Sanders, Walter Payton, Ted Williams, Pele and the likes… whittling down all of the great athletes to just one single list of 10 is a very hard thing to do indeed.  Everyone of us could make up our own top 10 and we would all be close to being right. I just thought this list was interesting to say the least. I, however, do disagree with Dave Winfield at #3. If we are going by just longevity then Brett Favre or Cal Ripken Jr. That’s all. Add as you please athletes that you think deserve this Top 10 list.