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The Meaning page is the serious stuff. The Bible provides the meaning to life and we would like you to know it. We want to hear from you what the Lord is doing in your life through praises, prayer requests, and devotional thoughts.





Top 10 lists are popular today. ESPN has consistent top 10 plays, dunks, goals, and also their infamous not-so-top 10 plays. But what about yours? Who is on your list? What is on your list? I am afraid too many of us have an improperly balanced list. Where would you put yourself? God? Others? Sports? Girlfriend or Boyfriend? Are you first or last? Are you second to everything rather than first in line? Think about that as you watch some of these videos from I am second.


  1. jtmoody says:

    It was a horrible wake-up call as I read this article online about this volcano that erupted and literally covered people and towns in an ash as thick as snow in the wintertime. Except instead of being white and fluffy, this ash was darkened the sky to look like night and your lungs feel like they are suffocating. There aren’t to many other scenes that could possibly convey the idea of what hell would look like but this has got to be a real life experience that would awaken us to the reality of hell and thankfulness that we have a savior!!

    Volcano eruption

    Read and pray for this:

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